How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

I recently found this amazing infographic with some great tips on improving your website to help bring more traffic.

That is something that we all want to have and getting some advice on this is always helpful, so I have included the graphic for you to enjoy.

Below the infographic are some of the key tips on getting your website up to speed and increasing traffic to it.

increase traffic website

1. Create amazing Content

Not something new for any of us, but worth repeating. Create amazing content:

  • unique
  • relevant
  • useful

And make sure it is related to the topics and products of your website.

2. Get On Google+

Being on social media is always useful in generating traffic, and with Google owning Google+, it is perhaps one of the most important.

So do the following:

  • Setup a google+ account and link it to your website
  • Setup your authorship for the website

3. Optimize On Page SEO

Of course never forget the basics, as this is what launches your SEO for your website.

Keep the on page SEO going at all times, so we are talking:

  • URL
  • Headings
  • keywords
  • image alt text

4. Site Performance

Your site should always be running like a tight ship. That means that it is fast and responsive.

It pays to check your site on to make sure it is something like a 3 second load time.

I would also recommend having a mobile responsive site – aka mobile ready.

5. Earn Backlinks

If you are doing all of the above well, you should by now be earning back links from your peers.

In order to increase this, you also need to share your content as much as possible. That way people will see it.

Sending emails to key influencers is also a great idea.

6. Submit your site to Search Engines

Last but not least, make sure your site is submitted to things like Google Webmaster tools and also to Bing.

If they do not know you exist and when you new content is ready, they will not be able to index it and place it in the search engines.