Website Improvements to Help Your Site

Website Improvements

Your website is the key to your online sales efforts. And as such, like your store in the real world, your website needs to be maintained and improved on a regular basis.

There are a number of elements you should be checking and watching out for to make your website the best it can be.

Website Layout

The layout of your website is the key to it’s usability for your visitors and potential customers.

You need to ensure that they can always find what they are looking for and easily. That means your menu/navigation needs to make sense and help them get where they are going. So group your common content into one menu or page. Make sure things are grouped in categories that make sense for your readers too.

You also don’t want too much clutter on your website. Try to keep the following key points in mind when checking your website out:

  • Images in your blog posts
  • lots of white space
  • large fonts where possible
  • little or no advertising
  • as few widgets on the side bar as necessary.
  • blog posts well spaced out with headings and bullet points

All of these things are important as they help your readers to find what they are looking for in your content and on your site in general.

Page Load Speed

Something that I briefly touched upon in my last post, page load speed is super important for your visitors and for Google.

You should be aiming for a load speed around 2 seconds. But a little above that is acceptable. You can use a few of the following tools to check your page load speed and see what you can do to improve it where possible:

Any of these are helpful, but give a few of them a try as they tell you different things about your site and show you how you can improve. Google’s is the toughest, but don’t let that stop you from trying it out.

Colors, Fonts and Images

The last area I want to mention in today’s post is the overall look and feel of your website.

To keep up to date with modern websites, I recommend you pay attention to current design trends. I know it is hard. But it is worth it.

For example you should consider using some of the free fonts available from Google Fonts or other online font resources. Many WordPress themes even come with these font choices available for no effort whatsoever.

You should also have a definite color scheme in mind for your brand and apply that to your website, logo, and images on your website. There is nothing more important than a unified branding when it comes to recognizing your brand across the internet and beyond.

Also try to use as professional pictures as possible, even stock photography and use tools like Pixlr and Canva to create the graphics you need for your site.

In the end both your users, Google and customers will thank you for your efforts in this regard.


Keeping your website in top form is a very important part of owning a website. And if you take the above tips into account when you are doing this, it will really help.

If you have any questions or comments we would love to hear from you in the comments below.